The Canfather

The BOTTLE and CAN were going through very trying times, as everyone was in 2020.

The world tour for their hit documentary Beer Can - A Love Story was postponed due to the global pandemic. While in lockdown, the word CANfather came to the CAN. The BOTTLE emphatically encouraged the CAN to start writing the story. The CAN wrote in a school composition notebook, and the BOTTLE transcribed it into the best story of half truth and half fiction. The CANfather is equal parts drama and comedy.

Since then, the containers worked on the story of a mythical beer world that mirrored the real world complexities that we all face. The two old adversaries come with a message for the real world. Can you conquer and still coexist in peace? So crack a beer and a smile, and enjoy the CANfather.



The BOTTLE and CAN battle for beer supremacy in the mafia run town of Brewington, which is controlled by the three distributor families, The Biscotti’s, Tilapia's, and Pistachio’s.

Will these two containers learn to co-exist… or will there be beer shed in the streets?

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Bottle vs Can Films

The story of the age old battle between the Bottle vs. Can in the brewing industry.

Will the mighty Bottle regain superiority in the beer world, or will the lonely Can find love through craft brewers?

Beer Can -- A Love Story

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